The Digital Revolution of the Insurance Broker

Putting you in control
Closer to your Broker
Closer to your Policy
Insurance at your fingertips

A digital insurance broker can assess your insurance needs, present you with policy options and answer your queries through your preferred online channels. 

Digital Client Suite

When you sign up and log in, you will have access to a Digital Online Suite where you can access all your insurance documents in one place.

Design Quote

Once logged in, you can access our digital quotation facility. Putting the power in your hands to design the insurance policy you need.

Make and track

On your desktop, or through your mobile device you can notify your Digital Broker of a claim, complete notification, and upload any documents required. Claims progress can be tracked in real time.

Digital Insurance Broker

Make a Change

If you need to make any amendments to your policies throughout the year, it is simple using the Digital Suite. Head over to Make a Change, complete the area in your policy that requires changing. Your Digital Broker will then adjust the policy and update your Digital Portfolio for you.

Digital Insurance Broker

Request Documents

All your documents are available to you anytime. You may be required to provide duplicates of your documents to a Third Party. Digital Broker can send these with your authorisation directly to the Third Party at your request.