Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

Applying for comprehensive aircraft maintenance insurance is the best financial decision for those in the aviation maintenance industry.

Therefore, as a business providing maintenance for the aviation industry, you have a unique skill set that has a unique set of inherent risk that could be disastrous for your business and livelihood.

The good news is that you can protect your income from possible losses. Brought about by claims and personal injuries using a comprehensive policy cover. For this reason, a specialised insurance policy is necessary and absolutely imperative.

Coverage available include products and completed operations coverage, hangar keepers liability coverage, premises liability coverage, non-owned aircraft liability insurance, and workers’ compensation policies.

Elements of a good insurance policy.

Whether you are fixed based operation or an A & P mechanic, you face exposure to liability. Premises liability, products and completed operations liability and hangar keepers liabilityAs a consequence, one small maintenance oversight can lead to a major liability lawsuit. Here are the elements to look out for when choosing an insurer:

Aircraft Maintenance Insurance
Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

Comprehensive cover

A comprehensive cover is a policy that protects your aircraft maintenance business from all possible risks. Accordingly, You can negotiate for a customised policy that suits your specific business needs or you can identify a single policy that covers key risks. Hence, consulting an insurance provider helps in identifying potential risks and designing an insurance policy that keeps your aircraft maintenance business safe.


How much does liability insurance for aircraft maintenance engineers cost?

The cost for liability insurance for aircraft maintenance engineers is based upon the risk information received by the underwriter. These days liability insurance tends to be less costly than in recent years, but unusual factors such as work in hazardous locations will affect the premium you pay along with the number of people engaged in the business and whether you have previously had claims made against you.

How much liability insurance do aircraft maintenance engineers need?

The limit of indemnity is the maximum amount the insurer will payout for a single claim, or in some cases the maximum amount they will pay out in a year. Naturally, this limit is set for you based on your requirements. Common limits under these policies are £1M, £2M £5M and £10M although other limits are available for aircraft maintenance engineers. In additon to this choosing this limit you will need to decide how much cover you think you will require and this may depend on the type of work you undertake.

More commonly these days, the contractual requirements you work under such as requests for a certain limit from local authorities etc. For employers liability, the statutory minimum is £5M although in practice policies are not issued with a limit of less than £10M, again higher limits are available upon request,

The assumption that aircraft maintenance policies costs are inhibitive. However, there are affordable insurance policies for aircraft maintenance businesses that understand the uniqueness of the industry and the risks factors inherent to the aviation industry.  Access to affordable comprehensive insurance policies has been made easier by the internet market. You can search online for a provider offering the best covers that suit your business needs at the lowest rates in the market.

Flexible premiums

When applying for the insurance policy for aircraft maintenance businesses and to protect your business against risks, it is important to check on the premiums and keeping payments up to date. It is recommended to search out a provider with flexible premiums that give you adequate time to make hassle-free payments on a basis that matches the flow of your income.


Some policies are arranged on a package basis and these tend to provide extremely good value with broad cover at competitive premiums, whilst other policies will provide a basic level of cover and you can decide which sections of cover you require under the policy. For many aircraft maintenance engineers businesses, the most important business insurance protection they need is an appropriate liability insurance policy and we offer a fast and very competitive quote service for the liability insurance needs of aircraft maintenance engineers.

Insurance cover will not prevent the risks from happening but can shield your aircraft maintenance business from the financial impact brought about by the risks. Here are some of the policy covers available for you:

  • Products and completed operations coverage
  • Hangarkeepers liability coverage
  • Premises liability coverage
  • Public & Products liability insurance
  • Non-owned aircraft liability insurance
  • Employer’s Liability policies