Glaziers Insurance for Northern Ireland

Glaziers Insurance

Does your career involve working with glass?

You can now access affordable glaziers insurance that provides a comprehensive cover. In the past glazers were contracted to install glass on windows of a new building, replace a broken one or fix glass on a table.

In those days, glazier jobs were simple, unlike today that they are complicated with modern buildings designed to have wall length glass fixed on them and glass display cases in retails stores being on demand. However, this has led to more risks in this career hence need for an insurance cover.

Wondering why you need to apply for a glaziers insurance cover?

Here are the risks on-site risks that face you and your employees each working day:

Destruction of property- Glaziers Insurance Liability

Accidents do happen even to the most careful people. A glass may fall from the window of a high building, damaging property on the site or in the neighbourhood. For example, may break windows in the neighbouring building, damage cars parked nearby or damage electronic goods if it falls inside the building. This calls for compensation that may amount to huge amount of money.

glaziers insurance northern ireland
glaziers insurance northern ireland

Injuries to third party

A glass or a glazing tool falling from a height is dangerous, as it can cause deep cut wounds to passers-by or even death. This is usually a difficult claim to handle without an insurance cover as compensation, legal and medical fee may cost you a fortune.

Injuries to employees

If you have employees in your glazing firm, you have a reason to worry. In order to fix glass on the windows of a tall building, your employees will be required to use a ladder or a scaffold. This exposes employees to accidental falls that may lead to fractures or death. Also, deep cut wounds caused by the glass or glazing tools are common.

Damage and loss of tools

Replacement of damaged or lost glazing tools can be extremely expensive. Tools can get lost through theft while in transit or on-site. Also, some employees may not be trustworthy hence making away with your tools.Important glaziers policy covers

Whether operating as a sole trader or owning a glazing company, your business should be adequately covered using the following important glaziers insurance policies:

Professional indemnity:

Apart from fixing glass, glazing involves giving advice to clients. Professional indemnity policy protects your business from claims resulting from erroneous advice giving or implementation process. In addition, this policy provides compensation in case of errors in the contracts or professional negligence claims.

Public liability policy:

This policy covers legal and medical fees incurred when a person is injured by falling glass or glazing tools. Also, the policy protects your business by providing compensation for damaged property by employees on the job site or in the neighbourhood.

Accidents and sickness:

This policy provides compensation in case you or your employees are injured at work. An additional policy is provided that protects your income in case you get an accident or sickness that makes it impossible for you to work.