Haulage Insurance Northern Ireland

Haulage Insurance Northern Ireland

Haulage Insurance Northern Ireland

Transport Insurance

  • What policy structure is best for you considering flat premium or different excess and premium options
  • 2 or 3 year new for old replacement cover
  • Finance Payout in the event of a total loss
  • Downtime or Business interruption cover to provide you with income while your vehicle or machine is being repaired
  • Market Value Policy or an Agreed Value Policy
  • Do you have any young or inexperienced drivers
  • Are you carrying any dangerous or hazardous goods and the potential cost of cleaning up these goods
  • Cost of cleaning up non dangerous or hazardous goods
  • Activities performed at airports on the air side of the fence
  • Works performed for rail authorities
  • Non Owned Trailer In Control
  • Dry Hire of Vehicles
  • Cover for goods which are on hook and being lifted or lowered by your vehicle or machine
  • Are you signing any contracts with your any third party including principal contractor and suppliers which require you to cover increased exposures
Fleet Insurance Northern Ireland
Fleet Insurance Northern Ireland

Depot / Workshop / Warehouse / Contents

Marine Insurance

  • Marine Insurance to cover the goods being carried
  • Marine Liability Insurance covering your liability to goods being carried
  • Loss of profit to the owner of the goods being carried

Public and Products Liability

Management Liability covering:

  • Statutory Liability for a breach of government acts including chain of responsibility, transport related fines and penalties
  • Employment Practices covering employment related incidents such as Unfair Dismissal, Bullying, Sexual Harassment, failure to promote
  • Directors and Officers Liability covering Directors and Responsible Officers for a wrongful act
  • Fidelity to cover the theft of employees
  • Tax Audit to cover accountants expenses
  • Reputation Expenses to protect your reputation

Travel Insurance providing protection for your travel within and outside Northern Ireland including cover for pre existing injury or illness

Trade Credit to protect you if a Debtor goes into liquidation

Cyber Crime to protect you from Virus and Encryption of your computer networks