Mid Term Adjustments

Mid term adjustments

Mid term adjustment to you policy can be notified here.

Use this area to notify your Digital Insurance Broker of any changes required for you policies

Access your policy anytime

Digital Client Suite

Here’s what you can do in your Digital Account:

  • View and print your policy documents and insurance certificates
  • See exactly what’s covered in your policy wording
  • Save PDFs of policy documents to send to others
  • Request a printed copy of your policy documents to be posted to 

Design Quote


Digital Client Suite


Make a Claim

Make a Change

Make changes to your policies 24/7

Adjust your policy Mid Term

If things change at work or at home you can make any necessary changes quickly and easily:

  • Add or remove optional covers such as legal assistance
  • Change personal details or update your contact details
  • Let us know your circumstances have changed
  • Add or remove people on your policy such as drivers or employees
Mid term adjustments

Changes may affect the cost of your premiums but you’ll be able to see them instantly online, and decide whether you want to go ahead.

Renew your insurance policy the easy way

Renew Your Policy

To make sure you’re always covered, most of your insurance policies will be renewed automatically. Naturally, you’ll receive an email and text reminder just before it’s up for renewal.

So please take time to read through:

  • your cover
  • personal and/or business information
  • the renewal price
  • your payment details

If you don’t make any changes, your policy will renew automatically using the same payment method as before.


Notify your Digital Broker should you need to cancel your policy

If for any reason you want to cancel a policy please do so here. Just look through our menu for details.