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Digital Insurance Brokers Ni now offer Structural Engineers Insurance for all Engineers as well as start-up Structural Engineers!

With the ability to take it to the market to get market winning rates and levels of cover make sure you speak to one of our Insurance Brokers today. – Structural Engineers Insurance

Getting PI Insurance as an Engineer, at the right price, has always been a little difficult. Moreover, it has always been especially hard to find cover if you were going out on your own and wanted to start your own company up from scratch as a structural engineer.

Luckily the team at have solved these issues and we have the right Professional Indemnity cover for you and we have the happy customers to prove it.

structural engineers insurance
structural engineers insurance

Cover Your Engineering Activities

Engineers insurance requirements can be complex.

Working as an engineer or architect means that you are regularly providing clients with advice or recommendations. Hence, this makes having a quality professional indemnity insurance policy critical to protecting your business and your own assets.

Whether you are a company or sole trader, we can assist with your engineering insurance requirements.

As a specialist insurance broker within the engineering industry, we have access to a range of local and overseas insurers who are capable of assisting with both large and small risks. Indeed from small consultancies to large multinational corporations, engineers and architects all face a certain level of exposure due to the complex nature of the industry, and the tendency for your services to be closely monitored by clients and regulatory bodies.

Further, whether it be issues relating to unreliable sub-contractors, or inclement weather conditions delaying progress, as an engineer, you know all too well the wide range of scenarios that can be causing interruptions to your project, which can lead to client dissatisfaction.

What is more, without the appropriate cover in place, you may be held personally liable for any resulting claims and associated legal costs. For a small business, this could have a devastating impact.

We understand the complexities involved within the engineering field, and we work closely with specialist underwriters to ensure that the correct cover is sourced at a premium that is competitive within the market.

Above all, we will work hard to secure the best package tailored to your specific needs within the engineering industry. Our focus is to ensure you have a policy that will protect you and your business from potential exposures.

Structural Engineers Insurance

Engineer Professional IndemnityArchitect Professional Indemnity helps out by covering you in the event you are found to be professionally negligent on the advice you give as well as for errors in design. Accordingly, you also require the cover for when you get pulled into legal disputes for instances where you have not done wrong and you have to defend yourself, it’s rare when one person gets brought in for a claim on a job site these days. You will need to prove you were not at fault in a lot of situations.

Engineers & Structural Engineers Insurance

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability

Engineers & Structural Engineers Insurance | Professional Indemnity & Public Liability